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Digital Spoon

Digital Spoon

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Tech-Savvy Utensil for Modern Dining

Accurate Measurement: This digital measuring spoon scale features precise sensors and LCD displays with a resolution of 0.1g. Its measurement range spans from 0.5g to 500g. Note: Due to the mechanical principle, please read the measurement when the product is in a horizontal position. Excessive tilting may impact its accuracy.

User-Friendly Operation: Simply press the "Mode" button to switch between G/OZ/C/Gn, facilitating the measurement of various ingredients and foods. When the displayed weight stabilizes, use the "HOLD" key to lock the weight for convenience. Convenient Cleaning & Storage: With dimensions of 9 x 2.4 x 1.2", this digital kitchen spoon scale occupies minimal table space. Additionally, you can hang the digital measuring spoon on the kitchen wall using a hook. After use, detach the spoon for cleaning, taking care to avoid water splashing into the electronic scale. 

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Tare Functionality: The Tare Function enables you to subtract the weight of the container, ensuring precise readings for food and ingredients. Refer to the instructions for more specific usage details.

  Versatile Functionality: The sleek and practical spoon surface comes equipped with a scale, making it ideal for weighing butter, spices, or tea during cooking or baking. Perfect for kitchen and daily household use, it's also suitable for weighing coffee beans and cat food.


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