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The Groot

Automatic Toilet Flush Button

Automatic Toilet Flush Button

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Make Any Toilet Flush Automatic - The Groot new design auto flush can make any existing toilet touchless. flush water without touching any buttons, just wave your hand over the sensor (0-25cm)to activate for automatic flushing! It can be widely used in homes and public toilets.

Note: It can only be used for Toilets with Push Button not suitable for Flush Lever - check images

    • Hygienic operation -Hygiene has taken far more importance, in order for families & office premises healthy, and can use intelligent tech to do the job ,Touchless Toilet Flush Button, Automatic Motion Sensor Flush, Sensor-Activated Toilet Flushing, Hands-Free Toilet Flush System, Touchless Bathroom Technology, Smart Toilet Sensor, Motion-Activated Flush Button, Hygienic Toilet Flushing, Sensor-Operated Toilet Flush, Touch-Free Bathroom Solution, Automatic Toilet Flush Kit, Modern Toilet Automation, Motion-Sensing Flush Button, Smart Restroom Technology, Touchless WC Flush Sensor, Infrared Toilet Flushing System, No-Touch Toilet Activation, Motion-Detector Toilet Flush, Advanced Bathroom Sensor, Electronic Toilet Flush Control


    • Ease of Operation-For a child, it may be hard to push flush button. For the elderly, convenience and ease of use. Most important thing is not to get her hands dirty
    • Product Features-Large capacity battery with 2000mAh It can be used for about 6 months when it is fully charged (at homes). When the battery is low, it can be recharged with a 5V USB charger.
    • IP65 waterproof: It can effectively prevent the impact of splashing water from all directions on the product. It is simple to install and only needs to be attached to the smooth toilet tank surface. , Touchless Toilet Flush, Automatic Flush Button, Sensor-Activated Toilet Flush, Hands-Free Toilet Flushing, Motion Sensor Toilet Flush, Infrared Toilet Flush, Automatic Toilet Flusher, Smart Toilet Button, No-Touch Toilet Flush, Electronic Flush System , Hygienic Toilet Flushing, Automated Toilet Flush Control, Self-Flushing Toilet Button, Modern Toilet Automation, Flush Automation Technology, Touch-Free Flush Mechanism, Toilet Sensor Flush Kit, Electric Toilet Flushing Button, Infrared Flush Actuator, Sensor-Driven Toilet Flush.

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