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Astronaut Galaxy Projector

Astronaut Galaxy Projector

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Experience the marvels of space within your home with Astronaut Galaxy Pro!

This Astronaut projector casts a stunning and calming starlit sky onto your ceiling, crafting an enchanting ambiance that transcends time and place. Suitable for every corner of your home, it serves as an ideal addition to any room, doubling as a delightful nightlight tailored for kids. Redefine your space's aura with the transformative allure of the Astronaut projector


  1. Multiple Galaxy Effects - A variety of 8 different nebula effects to choose.
  2. Smart Controls - The brightness and speed of the stars are adjustable.
  3. Multi-Function - Nebula and Starlight can be used at the same time or separately.
  4. Effortless Timing - Two timing modes: 40min, 90min.
  5. 360° Projection - Fully adjustable projection angle.


    The Astronaut Galaxy Pro lamp with remote control can control the on/off of the modes of nebula and starlight. You can adjust the brightness, change the light mode, and it can display a variety of nebula effects. And you can also adjust the speed and brightness of the nebula. Two-timing modes: about 40min and about 90min, automatic shutdown, you can easily access these settings without getting up.


    Each Astronaut Galaxy Pro can be adjusted to a different colour sky with a simple touch of the remote!  

    EASY TO USE    

    The head of the Astronaut Galaxy Pro can be moved and disassembled, and the starry sky and nebula lights can be projected at any angle at will, providing a wonderful and dreamy environment for your monotonous bedroom or game room  

    THE PERFECT GIFT        

    Astronaut Galaxy Pro makes the perfect gift for kids & adults alike. It is kid-safe and pet-friendly. Each lamp is designed and manufactured with eco-friendly materials. The LED's that light the lamp produces little to no heat and can be safely handled at all times Astronaut Galaxy Projector, Space-themed Projector, Starry Night Projector, Galaxy Light Projector, Astronomical Projector, Cosmic Projection Lamp, Constellation Projector, Astronaut Night Light, Space Scene Projector, Nebula Galaxy Projector, Celestial Light Display, Star Projector for Bedroom, Universe Projection Lamp, Planetarium Projector, Space Explorer Night Light, Rocket Galaxy Projector, Galactic Bedroom Décor, Starfield Projection Light, Astral Night Sky Projector, Cosmos Ceiling Projector

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